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Mobile game «Words»


Words - educational game for kids which helps to learn how to write words. Today there are versions of the game with words in Russian and English.

On the bright screen displays the word for a few seconds to remember how to spell playing word.

After that the letters fly and fall in random direction. Player should put the letters in the order in which they should go and collect the word from letters.

Letters can only be set in their place.

The words are divided into levels, each level - it's an interesting subject words.

At the end of the level, after the words are assembled, you can see the results - how fast the words are collected.

You can improve your rezultataty repeatedly passing levels and set records in the rate of collection of words. The words in this case, first of all show the most challenging to the player (the least memorable), which helps to improve the memorization of just those words that require better study.

The game will be updated with new levels to expand the vocabulary of the player.


English version (to study english words):

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Download for iPhone/iPad

Russian version (to study russian words):

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Download for iPhone/iPad